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Marine batteries are essential for powering fishing boats, tinnies with outboard engines, yachts and cruisers, as well as many other motorised vessels. They provide starting power to the engine, as well as running power to lights, electronics and other accessories. When selecting marine batteries, it is important to consider factors such as size, capacity and type of battery. You should select one that meets the required electrical needs of your vessel.

Battery capacity

The capacity of a marine battery is determined by its amp-hour rating which indicates how long it can supply a certain amount of current before being drained. Typically, fishing boats, yachts and cruisers require a larger capacity battery, while a tinnie with an outboard engine only needs a battery with a medium size capacity.

Types of batteries

The type of marine battery you select will depend on the specific needs of your vessel. The most common types are deep cycle, starting, dual purpose and AGM batteries.

  • Deep cycle batteries provide higher amp-hour ratings and are best suited for boats that require a steady discharge rate over extended periods of time.
  • Starting batteries provide high cranking power and are used to start engines on fishing boats, yachts and cruisers.
  • Dual purpose batteries combine the characteristics of both deep cycle and starting batteries making them ideal for vessels that need both high cranking power and long run times.
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are maintenance free, leak-proof and more resistant to vibration, making them a great choice for fishing boats, yachts and cruisers.

Dependable performance

Marine batteries can be expensive but they are essential for powering vessels as they provide reliable power in even the harshest conditions out on the water. With proper care, marine batteries can last several years, providing dependable performance throughout their lifetime.

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